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Katkaris Flag
A flag I got someone to make for me. The flag I made was obscene, so I commissioned a friend to do this for me. Here's a bit of a factfile on Katkaris.

Katkaris, officially the Glorious Republic of Katkaris, is a country in the west of North Poorvhana (North America). It is the seventh-largest country by area, the third-most populous country (with over 400 million people), and the most populous dictatorship in the world. It is bounded by the Pacific Ocean to the west. It shares land borders with Payohimasa the north, the United States to the east, and Mahavana to the south. Its capital and largest metropolis is Katakar.
Aequalitas et Aequitas
I know I haven't been active for a while, but I'm posting this here anyway. This is a map me and a friend worked on. I'm currently in the process of writing a detailed timeline for it, but meh, let's just post the map here.

The whole premise is that instability in North Africa and the Middle East causes a massive exodus of refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants to North America and Europe, causing new waves of nationalism over the continents. This in turn revitalises European wars, causes a multitude of civil wars, and causes the collapse of the Warsaw Pact and NATO. This, combined with a worsened financial crisis and a general lack of empathy for governments, causes a whole load of chaos. By 2048, the date at which the map is set, the world is divided between European and American imperialism, neo-Russian communism, and small pockets of democracy.

The map was originally created for a game, but it died, and I feel like with the amount of effort I put into this, it has to be worth something. So this is my latest mini-project (not that I had any other mini-projects). Enjoy, I guess. Credit to Moxn for the cool edited Victoria 2 map.

Note: I will update the timeline... over time.


- Oil fields in the Middle East have reached critical levels. Companies start moving out of the Middle East and into Russia and Canada, for more oil.
- Saudi Arabia declares bankruptcy, and falls into chaos. It becomes the site of a new proxy war between the US and the USSR.
- Kenya and Tanzania begin negotiations to unite.
- South Yemen falls into civil war following the assassination of Ali Salim al-Beidh (General Secretary), Haidar al-Attas (President), and Yasin Said Numan (Prime Minister). With the help of NATO and North Yemen, South Yemen is invaded. NATO forces get lucky and win most of the battles in South Yemen. Most of South Yemen surrenders, and it becomes a protectorate of NATO.
- New leadership in Ethiopia starts a new campaign against the Somali government, fueling instability and chaos.
- NATO refuses to let North Yemen unite with South Yemen and create a united independent Yemen. NATO is willing to accept Yemen as a protectorate, but not as independent. Due to this, they break ties and look elsewhere. Unwilling to join the communist cause, they turn to nearby Ethiopia for help. They grow closer, and North Yemen starts supporting Ethiopia against Somalia.
- Kurdish armed forces rise up in Northern Iraq, not soon after Iraq invaded Kuwait and intervened in the Saudi civil war in support of NATO. This put NATO in a difficult position, as they cannot condone the invasion of Kuwait. However, they let it slide anyway.
- Somaliland and Puntland attempt to break away from the Somali government, only to start fighting each other.
- Ethiopia and North Yemen declare war on Djibouti, quickly taking over the small nation before the international community has any chance to respond.
- Sudan falls into a civil war between the South Sudanese, Darfurese, pro-government, and rebel forces. Egypt intervenes, but Ethiopia decides to stay neutral.
- Ghana falls into a civil war between democratic and communist forces.
- Kenya and Tanzania unite to form the East African Federation. Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi have all started legislation to join the Federation, while the Federation itself supports South Sudanese rebels in favour of South Sudanese ascension as a region of the Federation.
- North Yemen falls into civil war, as people think that communists will help Yemen unite again. These communists have a very strong presence over North Yemen, and so Ethiopia is forced to invade.
- Eritrea declares war on Ethiopia in support of North Yemeni rebels, while the Somali government capitulates in favour of the Ethiopians. Somalia is annexed into Ethiopia, although Somaliland and Puntland still fight against Ethiopia. Their independence is not recognised.

I think I've watched that video like 6 times, and I still can't believe how epic it is.
Everyone watch it.
NOTE: I normally don't do stuff like this, but this was amazing, so I had to tell everyone. Also, it's not my video. Just so you know.


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